What should you look for when choosing an IEP program? What kinds of features should a good program have? There are a lot of factors to consider when attempting to choose the right software for your district or county. We want to make the search a little less overwhelming and more straightforward. Here are a few questions to ask when looking for the right kind of software:

  • Does the program have features that help prevent users from skirting around the law?
  • Can you customize user permissions to best fit your situation?
  • Is there a platform for sending notifications to appropriate users?
  • Is the program user-friendly?
  • Are you able to use custom forms that specifically pertain to you?
  • Does the program have the ability to interface with your other education programs?
  • Can you generate reports quickly and easily?
  • Are there training resources?
  • Is the program developer willing and able to modify the program for you in a timely and satisfactory manner?
  • Is the cost reasonable compared to similar programs?

Keep these key points in mind, and your search for the right program will become much simpler.


General Features

  • A format wherein Special Education teachers, program specialists, APE teachers, resource specialists, school psychologists, nurses, and other professionals can create and update IEPs
  • Adherence to timelines for initial, annual, and triennial evaluations and other time-sensitive events
  • Tracking of students by status, using reports and online plan progression
  • Maximized data integrity and minimized data redundancy
  • Program and form updates that are immediately received by every end-user
  • A way to foster good communication within the IEP team
  • An environment for providing consistent information in order to keep all parties up to date
  • Email notifications to case managers on IEPs that require action
  • Professional-looking printing
  • Online history
  • Access to administrative features, reports, and all student data for district- and higher-level administrators
  • Access to students at specific schools for users with limited privileges
  • Management of user access through group-based permissions
  • View-only access option
  • Demo system for prospective customers to explore the program (contact us for login information)


  • Training system to provide a way for new users to become accustomed to the program
  • Video tutorials to help users become familiar with WebIEP at their own pace


  • High levels of security, protecting sensitive information of students and users
  • Centralized storage, which is easier to physically secure than local computers
  • Encryption for all information traveling between the WebIEP server and users' computers
  • Tracking of login attempts, actual logins, students accessed, and actions performed
  • Complex password requirement
  • Lockout after a pre-defined number of incorrect login attempts
  • Lockout past administrator-set account expiration date

In addition to the features mentioned above, we have developed a few extra options in an effort to give clients the most customizable program possible.

  • Active Directory Authentication
    WebIEP can communicate with your Active Directory and authenticate your login based on your AD credentials. For instance, if your password changes in AD, your login for WebIEP will automatically change to match. This option is designed to save users the trouble of having to manage and keep track of more login credentials than necessary.
  • Student Demographic Import
    With this option, demographic information on all of your district's students is transferred on a nightly basis from your Student Information System to the WebIEP database. Instead of users being forced to hand-key all of a student's demographic information when adding them to WebIEP, they can just import the student into the program with all that information already populated. This keeps the information in WebIEP consistent with the data in SIS and saves users tons of time.
  • Student Data Export
    With this option, administrative users have the ability to export student data from the WebIEP database to your Student Information System. This option is very useful for generating required reports with accurate and up-to-date information.
  • Spanish Translation
    WebIEP has an optional feature wherein every English text box has a corresponding Spanish text box directly beneath or beside it, allowing a translator to translate quickly and conveniently after the conclusion of an IEP meeting. The Spanish translation of the IEP also becomes part of the student's online history. The emphasis of this module is on productivity of the translator, so the translator need only translate the text data-entry fields. Multiple-choice or other pre-set fields are automatically translated.
  • IEP Transfer
    IEPs can be transferred from one SELPA or district to another, provided both SELPAs or districts are using WebIEP. This transfer can be instantaneous and is very simple to perform.
  • Custom Forms
    The standard package of WebIEP comes with a set of programmed forms available to all clients. We have the ability to re-program WebIEP's forms to be the perfect fit for your district. This may limit the sharing of students with neighboring districts that use WebIEP, but it provides a more personalized approach to creating and implementing IEPs. If your forms are different from ours and you would rather use your own forms, we can make it happen. Simply submit your custom forms to us, and we will be happy to provide a cost estimate.

If you want to learn more about these options or to see how they work, send us an email via the "Contact Us" page, and we can provide you with more information. To download a PDF containing the major features and options of WebIEP, click "Download PDF" below.


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