Our development team worked closely with the Yucaipa-Calimesa Joint Unified School District (JUSD) to create WebSST. During our meetings with Jim Stolze, the Executive Director of Student Services, and his team, we discussed how their SST needs could be met and what features could be incorporated into this software.

Now that our software has been put to the test, gaining real-world exposure, it is ready for general release.

Here is what Jim has to say -
"As a Response to Intervention (RtI) district, we've been looking for years for an online system that could track and record the progress of our students in our tiered interventions. We've been using paper forms, but we always knew there had to be a better way. Paper forms are easier to lose, hard to read in some cases, and prone to errors. We looked at some programs. [Brand X] was too limited, and [Brand Y] was too complicated and narrowly defined. WebSST meets our needs perfectly. Teachers and intervention specialists can jump onto the system, record information with ease, and edit entries over time as necessary. Administrators are able to conduct intervention meetings smoothly, completing the necessary paperwork online and then printing clean and clear documents ready for signature. When it's time to go to the next tier, all members of the RtI team can easily see what's happened before. If a student moves from school-to-school, all of the intervention information and documentation transfers seamlessly, just as it should. When a student is referred for special education assessment, everything that the assessor needs -- data, forms, signatures, progress, hearing and vision, and more -- is at the specialist's fingertips. We finally have a system that keeps our information safe, easy to access, and ready to use. I recommend WebSST for any district that is looking to untangle themselves from a pile of paper forms or hoping to get a streamlined, online system that's easy to use." (Jim Stolze, Executive Director, Student Services, Yucaipa-Calimesa JUSD, e-mail, 2017)

We created an easy way for educators to manage all of their students' interventions and progress, all the while freeing up said educators to spend more time with their students and less time with paperwork. This program has a similar look and feel to our other education programs and provides further streamlining of data.

“I recommend WebSST for any district that is looking to untangle themselves from a pile of paper forms.” Jim Stolze, Yucaipa-Calimesa JUSD

WebSST's Features and Benefits

General Features

  • Conduct, track, and record online the progress of students in tiered interventions
  • Move easily between Interventions
  • Seamlessly transfers all intervention information and documentation between schools/districts
  • Tracking of students by status and online plan progression
  • Pending Review status marks the student as a candidate for Special Education
  • Referral Review allows administrator to confirm data is complete before referring the student on to Special Education for assessment
  • Dashboard with calendar showing upcoming meetings to appropriate team members
  • Flexible timelines for setting meetings
  • Maximized data integrity and minimized data redundancy
  • Fosters good communication within the team
  • Creates an environment for providing consistent information in order to keep all parties up to date
  • Over 150 standard validations to notify the team of missing or incomplete data
  • Professional-looking printing
  • Most input fields allow for lengthy discussion and the form will size automatically and overflow to another page when printed
  • Online history of every SIT/SST done through WebSST
  • Parent Portal access available to parent/guardians to complete their parent questionnaire online in either English or Spanish
  • Parent Portal account activated by the team, not the administration
  • Access to student records at specific schools for users with limited privileges
  • View-only access option
  • Management of user access through group-based permissions
  • Program and form updates that are immediately received by every end-user
  • Demo system is available for prospective customers to explore the program (contact us for login information)


  • Training system to provide a way for new users to become accustomed to the program


  • High levels of security, protecting sensitive information of students and users
  • Centralized storage, which is easier to physically secure than local computers
  • Encryption of all information traveling between the WebSST server and users' computers
  • Tracking of login attempts, actual logins, students accessed, and actions performed
  • Password administration simplified with user password reset options
  • Complex password requirements
  • Lockout after a pre-defined number of incorrect login attempts


  • Active Directory Authentication
    WebSST can communicate with your Active Directory and authenticate your login based on your AD credentials. For instance, if your password changes in AD, your login for WebSST will automatically change to match. This option is designed to save users the trouble of having to manage and keep track of more login credentials than necessary.
  • Student Demographic Import
    With this option, demographic information on all of your district's students is transferred on a nightly basis from your Student Information System to the WebSST database. Instead of users being forced to hand-key all of a student's demographic information when adding them to WebSST, they can just import the student into the program with all of that information already populated. This keeps the information in WebSST consistent with the data in SIS and saves users tons of time.
  • Teacher and User Import
    With this option, demographic information on all your WebSST users can be imported from your SIS into the WebSST database. This import means you only have to do a minimal amount of work to get your users into WebSST. You will also have the ability to use this feature to update current users if necessary. This option also works very well in conjunction with the AD Authentication option mentioned above.
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