Our Mission

To turn our passion into power with a steady aim at leveraging technology into an always-improving asset, giving clients the ability to soar to new heights, knowing they are backed by first-rate performance and commitment.


As expressed in our mission statement, it is our chief aim at Faucette Micro Systems to provide quality services and products that make technology an asset to our clients. We want to help our clients achieve their goals, taking them as far as technology will allow. We accomplish this by constantly considering three core driving forces:

  • Customer satisfaction

    Good products and quality service make for happy customers. Without our clients, we would not be where we are today, and they are the reason we work as hard as we do. Since customer satisfaction is a driving force in what we do, we have the ability to produce quality client-oriented products and services.

  • Employee satisfaction

    A surefire way to have dissatisfied customers is to have unhappy employees. We make it our goal to generate an environment that promotes teamwork, creativity, and open communication, making it possible for our employees to feel appreciated and giving them the freedom to see success in their work.

  • Passion for technology

    All of us have a passion for using and manipulating technology until we are satisfied with the results. Though we all have different levels and areas of expertise, we share a common goal: to combine our talents in an effort to produce a result that is favorable to every team member and client.


One thing we view as having utmost importance is security. We want to make sure the data recorded in our programs is safe and protected from the wrong individuals. Thus, we encrypt all the information that comes our way to ensure security. In addition, all files and programs are backed up regularly in an effort to prevent loss of data. A few of our security measures are as follows:

  • Regular and frequent data encryption
  • Regular security training
  • Periodic security updates
  • Complex password requirements
  • Multiple offsite system backups
  • Daily in-house system backups


The quality of our products is driven by our desire to provide clients with the best we have to offer. All FMS employees are dedicated to producing results that reflect their abilities and expertise. No matter the issue, we are more than willing to take a second and even a third and fourth look to determine how we can make the product better. We are committed to excellence in everything we produce.

The input we receive from our clients is crucial to producing high-quality products. It is because of the importance of this input that we often include our clients in discussions pertaining to making changes or improvements to our programs. Clients may make suggestions on different improvements and features that we believe would be a benefit to every other client as well.


Not only is it our goal to provide quality products and customer care, it is also our aim to do so in the most efficient manner. All too often a company will push tech support and program enhancements off into the background and just get to it when they have spare time. That is not how we operate. We want our clients to have their problems fixed and their suggestions incorporated in a timely manner. Our tech support team is always available during business hours and can be reached by phone or email. Each technical support issue immediately becomes our top priority.

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